Resume Blaster Scam

Hyattsville, Maryland 3 comments

Try calling their customer service, it redirects you to a 101515800 number which is an international directory assistance.I signed up as a recruiter and I have tried unsubscribing 50 times but they wont take me off the list.

I have used multiple approaches to be taken off the list.

Please help me to resolve this issue with Resume Blaster as soon as possible.



I am another victim of did the Blast and heard nothing.

I wrote the ResumeBlaster people, and they did not respond at all. I am unemployed and hate to loose the $63.oo right now.

My kids and I could really use this money right now.NO, I'm not starving, but, things are getting tight.


This site took my money, didnt return my calls and didnt send my resume out either!Losers.

Someone should file criminal charges against them in Olathe, KS.That's the easiest way to deal with them.


I signed up for their service on 7/04/09 and received a verification e-mail that my payment had been received.Received an e-mail on 7/05/09 and 7/06/09 that my resume would be sent out within 24 hours.

The supposed blast never happened and their number redirects you.

You also get a delivery failure notification when you try to send them an e-mail from their own site.:( :(

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